University of Washington


Daniel Birman, PhD

Washington Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Dan maintains the core tools in the VBL including Pinpoint, Urchin, and the IBL Average Trial.


Kenneth Yang

Undergraduate Researcher (UW 2025)

Kenneth is building the Electrophysiology Manipulator Link software, allowing you to integrate Sensapex and New Scale manipulators with Pinpoint.


Jasmine Schoch

Undergraduate Researcher (UW 2025)

Jasmine is piloting new educational tools, which we are hoping to roll out in 2023.


Mayo Faulkner

Mayo Faulkner, PhD

User Experience Engineer - International Brain Laboratory

Yoni Browning

Yoni Browning, PhD

Scientist - Allen Institute

Past members


Kai Nylund

Undergraduate Researcher (UW 2023)

Kai built the codebase for the IBL Average Trial visualizations, now being used in virtual reality demos and in IBL talks.


Qiqi Liang

Undergraduate Researcher (UW 2023)

Qiqi developed visualizations for the IBL, you can see these on the IBL public data website.