Installation and Use

Pinpoint is a tool for planning Neuropixels recordings with up to sixteen 1.0, 2.0, or up to four 4-shank 2.0 probes.

Azimuth example

Code is on our Github repository.


The easiest way to use the trajectory planner is through our web app.

If you encounter issues please try refreshing the page (sometimes the 3D mesh files don’t download on the first load). If that fails, disable any plugins that might be interfering with javascript (e.g. ad blockers).

Standalone builds

Windows desktop builds are available on the releases page.

Instructions for use


Please report issues on the issues page.


Inspired by Andy Peters’ trajectory explorer

CCF Atlas downloaded from

Mouse brain artwork from


If this project is used as part of a research project you should cite this repository. Please email Dan ( and we can set up a DOI for the version you are using.