Custom features

The funding that supports the VBL allows us to support the development of Pinpoint, Urchin, and Glue as well as long-term maintenance. We also set aside time to develop custom features for users.

The first ten hours of custom feature requests that your lab makes will be added to our regular development queue at no cost. After using those hours, we can either develop features for you as collaborators on your projects or as contractors. We are also happy to apply for joint grants as contractors, collaborators, or co-PIs. Please reach out to us with your requests and we can let you know which model will work best for your needs.

Collaborator model

If you can include whoever in the VBL is working with you as a co-author on your project then we are happy to dedicate hours specifically to developing features for your projects.

Contract model

Additional development time, or prioritized development of features can be requested by sending us an email with details or by opening an issue on Github with the contract label. Some examples of requests and billable hour estimates:

  • Building a custom probe model in Pinpoint (1-2 hours)

  • Remote installation and debugging of the Electrophysiology Link package (2-5 hours)

  • Developing a new interactive visualization of a large-scale dataset (5-10 hours)

  • Developing a new 3D experimental paradigm (10+ hours)