Source code for ephys_link.platform_manipulator

"""Defines what the properties and required functionality of a manipulator are.

Most functionality will be implemented on the platform handler side. This is mostly
for enforcing implementation of the stop method and hold common properties.

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

# Constants
MM_TO_UM = 1000

[docs]class PlatformManipulator(ABC): """An abstract class that defines the interface for a manipulator.""" def __init__(self): """Initialize manipulator.""" self._id = None self._movement_tolerance = 0.001 self._calibrated = False self._inside_brain = False self._can_write = False self._reset_timer = None self._is_moving = False
[docs] @abstractmethod def stop(self) -> None: """Stop all axes on manipulator :returns None """ raise NotImplementedError