How to capture videos!

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Install Urchin

Urchin is a Python package stored on PyPI, the following code needs to be run the first time you use Urchin in a Python environment.

Urchin’s full documentation can be found on our website.

[ ]:
!pip install oursin -U

Setup Urchin and open the renderer webpage

By default Urchin opens the 3D renderer in a webpage. Make sure pop-ups are enabled, or the page won’t open properly. You can also open the renderer site yourself by replacing [ID here] with the ID that is output by the call to .setup() at[ID here]

Note that Urchin communicates to the renderer webpage through an internet connection, we don’t currently support offline use (we hope to add support in the future).

[ ]:
import oursin as urchin

Capturing videos

Urchin’s current video capture system is a bit janky, but it does work. Basically, we’re just going to capture repeated screenshots over and over and tack them all together into a video.

For now we only support simple animations where you rotate around a single axis.

[ ]:
await'output.mp4', start_rotation=[22.5, 22.5, 225], end_rotation=[22.5, 22.5, 0], size=(600,400))